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Quarantine 231 is a series based on my meditation practice back in 2014 in a temple in Burma. It is about a period of time in which my observation of the world dramatically changed every day. For
instance, the angle of observing things change from its overall physical forms to more single elements like shape, size, temperature, my feeling about them, and how each element changes over time.


The number 231 is the amount of meditation sessions which leads me to the starting point of this sensational journey. It was 11 hours per day and 3 weeks of practice. After that, I did another 4 months of meditation. During that time, my sensation was very different than What I experienced before.


This includes a magnification of the impact from sound, feeling everything is not realistic around me, seeing my life from a 3rd person view, etc. Eventually, I learned how to make peace with the things I love, things that I hate, and things that I am scared of. Meditation helped me to creates a new balance with my life.


What do you want(gently), No Nation - Art Gallery
1542 N Milwaukee Ave FI 2,
Chicago, IL, May 2018

Fall BFA Show, Convergence
33 S. State St,
Chicago, IL, December 2019

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